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How does Evermanic work?

Evermanic allows you to set up profiles of notes you take repeatedly for Evernote.

For example, maybe you snap photos of meal receipts when you are out with clients. These receipts might need to be titled, tagged, and stored in a particular Evernote notebook. With Evermanic you can configure in advance a profile—basically, a note template with the characteristics of your choosing—so the next time you are on the go and need to file a meal receipt you simply select the profile, snap a photo, and put your phone back in your pocket. The next time you open Evernote your meal receipt will be stored just the way you like it.

Or let's say you are decorating a room for your new baby. You know this task will entail different types of notes so you create the profile "baby's room". Then, one day you see the crib of your dreams. You open Evermanic, select the "baby's room" profile, snap a photo, and get on with your day. Later you remember that you need to call to schedule the painter. You quickly open Evermanic, select the "baby's room" profile again, and record an audio note.

With Evermanic you can rest assured that all of your important details are safely stored in your Evernote account—quickly and simply.

You can create text, audio, and photo notes with Evermanic.

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