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At Cloudmanic Labs we are constantly focused on bettering the lives of small businesses all around the globe. We build software with the sole purpose of making their day to day life more efficient. Using our cloud-based technologies we build elegant, simple to use tools. Checkout Skyclerk for your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Or Heapless for supporting your paperless office. Need to streamline your Evernote note taking? Checkout Evermanic.
One application at a time, we optimize entrepreneurship.

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Our Milestones

Matthews Etc Internet services was born as a development / IT consultancy


Launched MealStub a Daily Deal site focused on the restaurant industry. Later sold to Fly Media, Inc.


Skyclerk: a web-based accounting and bookkeeping application for small businesses.


Evermanic, a mobile app for streamlining notes to be stored in Evernote is introduced.



Matthews Etc was rebranded as Cloudmanic Labs with a renewed focus on building cloud-based software for small business.


Released RentalBooks a SaaS based solution for property managers and Landlords. Later shut down to focus on Skyclerk.


Heapless, the only way to stay truly paperless is released.

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Matthews Etc. Internet Services was founded by Spicer Matthews in 1998 and headquartered in New York. In 2001 Matthews Etc. Internet Services moved to Portland Oregon where it has been based ever since. In 2008 Matthews Etc. Internet Services spun into a separate more focused company and in 2009 renamed and rebranded its self into Cloudmanic Labs.

Cloudmanic Labs continues to be in Portland Oregon and focuses on cloud-based software development, building tools for small business. Being a team of entrepreneurs we know the day to day pains of running a business. We build software that we personally use everyday.