Companies Can Have New Year’s Resolutions Too

By Spicer Matthews

Cloudmanic Labs is a small company—we can’t do it all. In fact, some tasks get set aside, and I am ashamed to admit that great customer support was sidelined by Cloudmanic Labs in 2013. We did not respond to customers as quickly as we should have and oftentimes our responses were generic and impersonal. As a company we have lots of goals for 2014, but we have only one resolution: to get back on track with great customer support—by which we mean timely and personal responses to all of our customers’ emails.

In addition to reorganizing our company to make sure support requests always receive top priority, we intend to greatly enhance the self-service support we offer. That is, giving our customers the information you need to know in the first place so you will not have to ask. We do love to chat with our customers so if you want to connect, send us an email. However, when you are in need of support we really want you to get the pertinent information as fast as possible. So today I am announcing our new support center, a place where customers can instantly obtain answers to (most of) their burning questions.  

The new Cloudmanic Labs support center is located at (Horn toot!)

We resolve to steadily contribute to the support center to develop a trove of articles, videos, and screenshots that will empower our customers to quickly and easily find the answers to your questions when you need them, 24-7. Of course, if you do not find what you are looking for you can always email us and we commit to responding to inquiries as quickly as possible.

We believe that 2014 is going to be a great year for Cloudmanic Labs, and we plan to realize that goal by making sure our customers are always informed and happy.

Happy new year from the Cloudmanic Labs team!