My Crazy Excuse for Not Focusing on My Core Products

By Spicer Matthews

We at Cloudmanic Labs recently launched a sweet new product: Photomanic, the best way to upload, organize, store, and enjoy your photos using the Evernote platform. But when I initiated the building of Photomanic some of my closest advisers were puzzled, asking questions along the lines of “WTF are you doing, Spicer?” Now, I’m the first to preach staying focused on your core, and Cloudmanic’s core is small businesses. Every other product we have launched has been geared toward helping small businesses thrive. So why build a photo application?

Stay Focused When You Build Your Bussiness

Well, when you are the leader of a company you are sometimes your own worst enemy. You have a team of people who can build whatever you want—and it’s up to you to decide which ideas to chase and which to drop. The thing is, the notion of Photomanic had been kicking around in my head for a few years. I would stay up late building prototypes, and daily I pondered how I could justify building Photomanic as a Cloudmanic product. Frankly, it was becoming a distraction. Maybe I am crazy, but I just had to build Photomanic to free my mind to focus on Cloudmanic’s core small business efforts.

And in fact, Photomanic has many uses within the business world. I, for example, will be using it to store photos of my rental properties when tenants move in and out, and in the coming months Cloudmanic will be sharing with our customers ideas to help small businesses make the most of Photomanic.

Additionally, our customers will benefit because building Photomanic has been an amazing learning experience that has made the Cloudmanic team even better. We are firing on all cylinders, and I am confident that the launch of our next product, Heapless, will be smooth thanks to Photomanic.

Though Photomanic is a bit outside our sandbox, we are very happy we built it. Our early customers are loving it, and we are excited to induct Photomanic into the Cloudmanic family.