A Special Thanks To Wildbit

By Spicer Matthews

People say business is cut throat. It is a snake or be snaked world. If you run a business you are in a dark silo where it is you against the world. As far as I’m concerned, these are just strong statements that get thrown out into the wild to get people’s attention. Companies like Wildbit are proof this is simply not true. Wildbit, the makers of Beanstalkapp and Postmark, are working hard to help out fellow bootstrapped companies.

The team at Wildbit knows how hard it is to grow a company without piles of cash in the bank. To help bootstrapped companies they are willing to give away extra services for free (contact Wildbit for more information). Wildbit is also building a mentoring community called Think Strapped. Think Strapped is “A mentorship community for encouraging sustainable growth in software start ups”. You can learn more about Think Strapped at their website http://thinkstrapped.com.

It is not every day we highlight other companies on our blog, but we was overly compelled to express our gratitude to Wildbit for their support of the bootstrapped community.

Thank you Wildbit.