Why We Do Not Offer Phone Support

By Spicer Matthews

Does offering phone support make a difference? It does—but not in the way you might think. At Cloudmanic offering amazing customer support is a top priority. If you want us to do backflips we intend to try. Why, then, do we not offer phone support? The bottom line is that phone support costs a lot of money. Many of our peers do offer phone support—and their prices are at least double ours. It really comes down to this simple fact: because 98% of our customers never require support we don’t feel that it makes sense to raise our prices for the 2% who occasionally do.

In the very beginning we had to make the tough decision to provide support only via email (and sometimes Twitter or Facebook). We stand by this decision. We understand that email is not some users’ preferred way of receiving support, but we have not yet encountered an issue that we could not resolve with a customer via email.

We also believe that the need for support is a measure of our failures. If a product or feature is confusing or not working for a customer, the design is probably flawed. So rather than spend precious resources on phone support we invest in making our products better. It’s a matter of choosing long-term investment over short-term solutions.

In the future we hope to be able to offer more ways for our customers to communicate with the Cloudmanic support team—but we will not do so at the expense of our products.

No phone support? No problem. We’re still here for you.