Skyclerk Just Got Better and Cheaper

By Spicer Matthews

The Cloudmanic Team is stoked to announce that Skyclerk just got better and cheaper. And here’s the best part: in most cases you don’t need to do anything except pay less than you were paying before. Lucky you! Let’s take a moment to investigate the details together.

Better how?

We know how frustrating it is to make a decision when you have too many choices. We also know that your business accounting needs change over time. Because we are squarely in the simple is better camp, we have simplified our pricing to a free plan and a paid Premium plan that includes unlimited monthly transactions, unlimited contacts, and unlimited storage to meet your business accounting needs whether they are small or big. And soon the paid plan will include 50 scans a month to help you go paperless and stay organized.

How much cheaper?

A lot cheaper. For example, if you had the $99 a month Infinity plan, you now get the same service for only $15. At that crazy low price Skyclerk is one of the cheapest online accounting systems—most of our peers start around $30 for an unlimited plan. In most cases the change to the new Premium plan happened automatically. The exception—yes, there is one—is that if you had a plan bundled with, the choice is yours. That is, you can keep the bundled plan at the previous price by doing nothing. Or you can unbundle and switch to the new $15 plan by emailing

You might question how we can afford to lower our prices so dramatically. Well, over time our customer base has grown and the cost of servers has decreased. We could just take the money and run, but we don’t believe in charging more than we have to. We know from personal experience that accounting isn’t anybody’s favorite task, and we don’t want to add insult to injury by charging you a lot for an accounting system.

Additionally, we remain committed to offering a free 30-day trial and a free limited plan. After all, a test ride is a vaunted institution (go ahead, kick the tires) and we know that nascent businesses often need a little extra support. When a business is big enough to need a paid plan, it can generally afford to pay for it.

One last thing to remember: although our pricing changes every once and a while, at Cloudmanic you are always grandfathered in as long as your account stays in good standing and you do not change plans. Grandfathered as in 4-eva.

How’s that for rad service that doesn’t break the bank?

In your corner,

The Cloudmanic Team