Evermanic Has Arrived

By Spicer Matthews

I am very pleased to announce Evermanic has arrived!

Simply Put

Evermanic is the fastest way to capture recurring notes on the go and store them safely into Evernote.

Or, If you like to know the nuts and bolts

Evermanic is an iPhone application that allows you to set up profiles (templates) for the notes you know you will be taking over and over again.

For example, Bob might keep track of meals with clients taking photos of the meal receipts. These receipts might have to be stored into a particular Evernote notebook and tagged in a particular fashion. Bob might even want the same note title for each receipt. All these are pieces of information that compose an Evermanic profile. Once he has configured his profile (template) with the characteristics of his choice he is ready to go.

Next time Bob is on the go and wants to file a meal receipt, he simply selects the profile, snaps a picture, and puts his phone back in his pocket. Later, when he opens Evernote again, his meal receipt will be stored just the way he likes it.

Don't Be Fooled: Evermanic is not just for Businesses 

Ana is decorating the room for her coming baby. She knows this is a task that will take quite some time and will entail different types of notes, so she creates the "baby room" profile. While walking around in the mall she sees the crib of her dreams. She opens Evermanic, selects her "baby room" profile and snaps a picture. Ana goes on with her day, but then she remembers she needs to call the painter to schedule the painting day. She quickly opens Evermanic and selects her "baby room" profile and records her voice note. She rests assured that all those important little details are safety stored in her Evernote account - and that was done quickly and simply with Evermanic.


With Evermanic you can create a text, audio, or picture note.

To get started all you need to do is download Evermanic from the Apple App Store. Login with your Cloudmanic account (or create a new Cloudmanic account). Once you have installed the application you will be prompted to link up your current Evernote account. Create your first profile and not away!