Skyclerk Dives into Video Marketing

By Spicer Matthews

We’ve all seen them: The videos companies make to market their products. For some companies, videos explaining how and why to use their products really make sense (Apple, for example, does a great job at it).

But I have to admit I’m usually skeptical, especially when the video is for a small web start-up. What is the return on investment for one of these minute-long videos? Are they just spending money making these videos to show their VC investors that they are spending their money as fast as possible?

And of course, do people even watch these videos?

For the longest time, I never watched any of these videos when reviewing a product. It just seemed easier and faster to read the website and find out everything I needed to know about a company or product. However, recently I have noticed myself watching promotional videos even before I look at the company’s website.

If my usage patterns have changed, I’m guessing others are finding these types of videos useful as well. Or maybe others have always found these videos useful and I have just been behind the curve.

Either way, it’s time to take the plunge with video. Like most new things at Cloudmanic Labs, we are going learn this video marketing thing by diving right in. We’re please to share our first creation, a quick intro into Skyclerk.

We know we have a lot to learn, and we’re hoping you can help. Here are some of the questions we hope to answer as our video experiments mature:

  • Do people really watch these videos?
  • How well do marketing videos convert to user signups?
  • Do people watch videos all the way through?
  • How long should a video be?
  • Are animated videos better than real human videos?
  • What is the best venue for getting sharing your videos?
  • How important is the script in the video?
  • Do you even need a script?
  • Much much more…

One of the keys to being a successful company is to always be evolving. Always learning new things. Always adding new tools to the toolbelt. Video marketing, while not new to many companies, is new to us. We look forward to sharing our discoveries in this arena.