37signals Is Nailing It Today

By Spicer Matthews

This is especially true if you subscribe to the ridiculous Church of 80-character Lines.
-- David Heinemeier Hansson

Always remember: A program IS NOT communication between a human and the machine. It's a communication between a developer and the next developer.
-- Don Schenck

I have learned an important principle: simple things work, often to our dumbfounded surprise, for we tend to distrust the simple and strive for the complex.
-- Richard Cracroft, Our Trek Through the Wilderness

Normally, I would consider the act of simply summarizing and reposting someone else's blog post sort of wasteful. That is what twitter is for. I guess these three quotes really match the philosophes and believes we have at Cloudmanic. I could not help but share as we have already written about some of this stuff in the past. Check out Coding Should Be Like Writing A Book, Being An Elegant Business Programmer, and Software Design: The Come Back Later Problem.

Check out the two 37signals posts (and the comments) that I am referencing below.

Clarity over brevity in variable and method names

I Have Learned an Important Principle Simple